Welcome Inside The Brain


It’s unclear whose brain, exactly, we’re being ushered inside, but it appears to be a melancholy one. Straddling the line between psych, prog, and jam rock, these musicians embrace the “anything goes” mentality of their ’70s krautrock predecessors—“Ugly Beauty” alone sounds like Bowie by way of King Crimson by way of Can. It’s a strange trip, but one that offers distinct rewards.

(Bandcamp Daily)

I’ve seen the music described as the mutant offspring of King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Yes and Magma and that is about as close as it gets. […] Repeated listens are definitely needed to get a grip on this stuff but it is well worth the effort. Definitely one of the best progressive rock releases of the past year.

(Rocking Charts)

At some point in listening to Celebrate the Depression [...] the music stops being a mixture of a wide variety of different threads of progressive rock and becomes a thread of its own. [...] In any case, this is great stuff, one of 2017’s best releases.


The way Welcome Inside The Brain play their music is simply unparalleled in today’s prog. Imagine the twiddly instrumental bits of Haken‘s music, crank up the daftness by a factor of ten and forget about conventional things like verses or choruses. […] Welcome Inside The Brain are leagues ahead of their contemporaries, both in technical ability and style. The level of effort that is required to write and perform such music is simply astronomical and for that they must be applauded.


The music on Celebrate the Depression is like a huge mash up of from Weather Report to Pat Metheny to King Crimson to Brand X to Sun Ra to everything in between, only more complex and perplexing.

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